About The Venue

Take a deep breathe...

Step aboard and prepare to be blown away. From the stylish design and elegant decor, to the friendly and efficient service from our skilled cabin crew, air offers a unique experience that is dedicated to being the best.

Outstanding in-flight entertainment delivered through artistic technology that will delight the senses while our unrivalled commitment to safety confirms Air as your ultimate night life destination.

Air is the complete nightclub experience that will have you flying first class; we look forward to welcoming you on board.

Dress Code  

Guests are requested to keep carry on baggage to a minimum; our pre-flight security check includes a mandatory bag check. Air Nightclub provides a cloakroom facility which requires a small payment fee.

Air Nightclub expect guests to have put as much thought and attention into their appearance as we have into creating our beautiful Nightclub. Guests are advised that there is a strict dress code as follows:


  • Singlets
  • Thongs, Runners or Steel Caps
  • Sportswear, Work Wear, Beachwear or Caps
  • Dirty, Ripped or Torn
  • Indecent, Obscene or Offensive Clothing (Prints)
  • Fight Brands or Hoodies


  • Neat Casual Dress Code *
  • Fashionable Canvas Shoes or Sneakers *
  • Denim Jeans *
  • Neat Tee Shirt
  • Dress Shorts
  • Footwear is to be worn at all times

  *The combination of some casual dress items may be deemed to be "too casual" or "not neat enough"; no offence is intended. A collared dress shirt and leather dress shoes for gentlemen is preferred.